About The University of London

This is a distant and a flexible learning portal designed by the UoL to enable countless numbers of eligible candidates around the globe to obtain world-class academic laurels with an unbeatable global recognition. It is a programme crafted after a researched and informed consideration on the divergent socio-economic concerns of prospective candidates. The International programmes offered by the UoL are a means of bridging the gap between location and accessibility; prospective candidates across the globe can delve into any area of study offered on the International Programme without having to worry about being physically present on the London Campus. Although the study experience is different, degrees awarded to International programmes students are of the same prestigious standard to those awarded to students who study on the campus of the University of London. Below is a link that displays the courses offered through the International Programmes:



About our Relationship

Empire African Institute is commissioned by the University of London that provides the academic direction for our diploma programme. Hence, we have their recognition and have become a viable registered centre – a local teaching institution that provides a worthwhile student support. The academic calendar of the University of London International Programme is the main pivot around which we structure a tailor-made lecture and tutorial timetables for our students in order to ensure a timely synchronisation with the demands of the International programme. All our students enrolled on the International programme are awarded a University of London Degree on successful completion of their studies.


About the Quality of the University of London Programmes

Apart from the invaluable success stories of the University of London on the global stage, as an Institute with hands-on experience, we can attest to the fact that confidence can be reasonably placed in the present or future soundness of the University of London International Programmes concerning the Learning experience.